Acts of Parliament (1980-2024)/C
Carriage by Air
Carriage of Goods by Sea
Casino Business
Ceiling on House and Property
Ceiling on Income and Compulsory Savings
Central Bank of Sri Lanka
Central Cultural Fund
Ceylon Cold Stores
Ceylon Electricity Board
Ceylon German Technical Training Institute
Ceylon (Parliamentary Elections) Order in Council
Ceylon Hotel Corporation
Ceylon Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research
Chemical Weapons
Chief of Defence Staff
Children and Young Persons
Civil Law
Child Abduction
Civil Aviation
Civil Procedure Code
Clothing Industry and Training Institute
Co-operative Societies, employees and establishments
Coast Conservation
Coconut Development
Code of Criminal Procedure
Code of Intellectual Property
Colleges of Education
Colombo District Reclamation and Development Board
Colombo Port City Economic Commission
Commercial Mediation
Commissions of Inquiry
Common Amenities Board
Community Based Corrections
Competent Authority
Computer and Information Technology Council of Sri Lanka
Computer Crimes
Conferring the Honour of Senior Instructing Attorney’s
Constitutional Amendments
Construction Industry Development
Consular Functions
Consumer Affairs, Credit and Protection
Contempt of Court, Tribunal or Institutions
Control of Insurance
Control of Pesticides
Conversion of Public Corporation and Government owned businesses
Coronavirus Diseases
Cosmetic Devices and Drugs
Council of Legal Education
Credit Councils
Credit Information Bureau
Cultural Property
Repealed Acts