What are the acts and legislation relating to Civil Aviation

The context provided includes two specific pieces of legislation relating to civil aviation in Sri Lanka:

  1. Civil Aviation Act, No. 14 of 2010: This Act is comprehensive legislation that regulates civil aviation within Sri Lanka. It covers a wide range of topics including:
    • The application of the Convention on International Civil Aviation to activities within Sri Lanka.
    • The responsibilities of the Minister in charge of civil aviation, including the development, regulation, and control of civil aviation.
    • The scope of the Act, which applies to aircraft registered in Sri Lanka, aviation personnel licensed under the Act, and users of aeronautical services within Sri Lanka.
    • Exemptions for aircraft or aerodromes exclusively used by the Armed Forces, and provisions for government use of aircraft.
    • Safety, efficiency, and regularity of air navigation, safety of aircraft, prevention of aircraft from endangering persons and property, and detention of aircraft.
    • Compensation for officers or servants of the Authority in case of death or injury resulting from aircraft accidents or incidents.
    • Supply of meteorological information for air navigation and regulation of signals and communications to and from aircraft.
  2. Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka Act, No. 34 of 2002: This Act provides for the establishment of the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka and outlines its functions, which include:
    • Regulating civil air operations within Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan registered aircraft outside the territory.
    • Assisting the Minister in formulating the National Aviation Policy.
    • Preparing an aviation development plan in accordance with the National Aviation Policy.
    • Providing strategic direction for the development of civil aviation and coordinating the activities of all involved parties.
    • Developing and promulgating aviation safety requirements, practices, and procedures.

These Acts are designed to ensure the safety, regularity, efficiency, and security of civil aviation in Sri Lanka, in line with international standards and practices. They also establish the legal framework for the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka’s oversight and regulatory functions.

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