LankaLAW – First ever AI Assistant for Legal Research launched in Sri Lanka

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – March 30, 2024 Chat2Find company engaged in conversational AI has officially announced the launch of LankaLAW an Artificially Intelligent (AI) powered Legal Assistant  for Sri Lanka for Legal Research, Analysis and Advise. This is a part of Chat2Find initiative to release series of AI powered Assistants to Sri Lankan market as announced in January 2024. This is the first- ever time an AI powered Legal Assistant have ever been introduced in Sri Lanka.

LankaLAW is an Artificial Intelligent (AI) Assistant that facilitate Legal Research, Analysis and Advise. LankaLAW is designed to offer accurate answers to all legal queries, backed by AI trained on LLM of extensive Sri Lanka law. LankaLAW provides direct and easy access to all available Legal resources such as Acts of Parliament, Legislative Enactments and latest case laws of Sri Lanka.

LankaLAW is expected to facilitate students, practicing lawyers and legal managers to carryout legal research relating to any specific area of law based on applicable legislations and case laws instantly through its AI powered Assistant. This is likely to considerably cut down the time spent on reading and analysing documents.

Further LankaLAW is an ideal alternative tool for individual users to obtain instant answers for their legal problems and have an understanding of their respective legal matters prior to obtaining professional legal advice.

Legal research is “the process of identifying and retrieving information necessary to support legal decision-making. In its broadest sense, legal research includes each step of a course of action that begins with an analysis of the facts of a problem and concludes with the application and communication of the results of the investigation.”

The processes of legal research vary according to the country and the legal system involved. Legal research involves tasks such as:

  1. Finding primary sources of law, or primary authority, in a given jurisdiction. The main primary sources of law include constitutions, case law, statutes, and regulations.
  2. Searching secondary authority for background information about legal topics. Secondary authorities can come in many forms, such as law reviews, legal dictionaries, legal treatises, and legal encyclopedias.
  3. Searching non-legal sources for investigative or supporting factual information.

Legal research is performed by anyone with a need for legal information, including lawyers, law librarians, and paralegals. Sources of legal information can include printed books, and government websites.

LankaLAW offers both free and premium service to registered users.
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Sri Lanka’s First-ever AI Assistant for Legal Research & Advise

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