What are the laws relating to pilgrimages

Based on the provided context, the laws relating to pilgrimages in Sri Lanka can be inferred from the following sources:

  1. Pilgrimages (Chapter 362):
    • This chapter is listed under the title “Sri Lanka Legislation beginning with P” on the Sri Lanka Legal Information Institute website (toc-P.html). While the specific content of the chapter is not provided in the context, it indicates that there is legislation specifically addressing pilgrimages.
  2. Tourism Act, No. 38 of 2005:
    • The Tourism Act may have provisions related to pilgrimages as they are a form of tourism. The Act gives the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority the power to make rules regarding tourism, which could include aspects of pilgrimages (5702.pdf, Page 46).
    • The Authority is also empowered to call for information to facilitate the preparation of tourist schemes, which may encompass pilgrimage-related activities (5702.pdf, Page 45).
  3. Prevention of the extension from one Province to another of infectious or contagious diseases or pests affecting human beings, animals or plants:
    • While not directly related to pilgrimages, this point listed in the constitution (constitution Latest.pdf, Page 306) could have implications for pilgrimages, especially if they involve large gatherings that could potentially spread diseases across provincial borders.

To obtain the specific laws and regulations regarding pilgrimages, one would need to refer to the actual text of Chapter 362 and any relevant rules or regulations made under the Tourism Act. The context provided does not contain the detailed provisions of these laws. For a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework governing pilgrimages, it would be necessary to consult these legal documents directly or seek advice from a legal professional.

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