What are the traffic offences?

The traffic offences mentioned in the provided context are as follows:

  • Under the Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act No 8 of 2009, any person who contravenes the provisions of Section 17(1), (13), or (14) shall be guilty of an offence and liable to the confiscation of such motor vehicle.
  • Charges of negligently driving the motorcar and failing to avoid the accident, as discussed in the case of Sinniah Nadarajah vs. The Ceylon Transport Board.
  • Transporting country rice from one district to another without permission, which is an offence under Regulation 6 (e) of the Defence (Purchase of Foodstuffs) Regulations, 1942, and may result in the confiscation of the vehicle or vessel used in the offence.
  • Transporting sand in a lorry without a license, which is an offence under Section 63(6)(1) of the Mines and Minerals Act No. 33 of 1992, and could lead to the lorry being forfeited.
  • Obstructing a public road by a sherbet cart containing sherbet and aerated waters for sale, which is an offence under Section 53 (4) of the Police Ordinance, and resulted in a fine of Rs. 5 in the case of Govindan Vs. Magoor Pitchche.

These offences involve various penalties, including fines, confiscation, or forfeiture of vehicles.

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