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Find answers to all Sri Lanka Legal queries with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

How LankaLAW Works?

Ask your Question

Simply type your question into chat interface. You can ask any legal questions in relation to any specialised area of law in Sri Lanka.

AI powered Answers

LankaLAW respond to your queries and provides detailed, easy understand answers. LLM is trained on laws and regulations ensuring the accuracy.

Informed Decisions

With LankaLAW assistance you can make better-informed decisions about your legal situation. Feel confident in understanding of legal implication.

Our Services

LankaLAW for Individual Users

Ask as many legal questions as you have, whenever you need. LankaLAW is here 24/7, offering comprehensive answers to guide you through the legal complexities in Sri Lanka.

LankaLAW for Lawyers

Accuracy matters. LankaLAW can provide you instant, precise, up-to-date information relating your preferred area of legal expertise to help you instruct your clients.

LankaLAW for Businesses

No more stress having to find legal assistance to help you with day to day business matters. Let LankaLAW find you instant answers to your legal query to assist you in understanding the legal implication.

Key Features

Accurate Answers

Backed by AI trained on Sri Lanka law, get accurate and latest responses to your Sri Lanka legal queries

Saves Time

No need to search for answers online or wait for Laweyer response. Get instant answers to you legal queries.

Secure & Confidential

We prioritise your data security. Your information remain encrypted and confidential.

Legal Professionals ready to provide additional Legal Support

Legal Advise

You can now retain a lawyer for legal advice on personal and business matters on professional basis. Contact your choice of the lawyer from the Lawyer Directory to set up a consultation.

Legal Representation

You can now appoint a lawyer to represent you and handle your legal matters directly. Contact your choice of the lawyer from the Lawyer Directory for a fee quote and appointment.